Denis Guidone | Wabi Sabi – ROCHE BOBOIS
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About This Project

mirror - Denis Guidone Roche Bobois design - 02


The color nuances change continuously depending on the different points of view; On the mirror appears a gradation from a color to its complementary, purple- green, and gold – blue.

White reflects the light, so it go through the glass, which we can see is the transmitted colour,blue or green.

The black absorbs the colour, it accentuates mirror effect, only the reflected light becomes viewable and brings out the gold or purple colour.

Mirror colours change depending on the direction, on the ambient light;
the reflection of a very soft light will reflect more blue, a high lighting reflection (direct sunlight) will reflect more gold.

This mirror come from the fusion between this intention and a very particular technological glass treatment, simultaneously contemporary and rooted in traditional glass story.

This glass coloration method by metallic oxide is very old, it was used for example from the 11th century in cathedrals stained-glass windows.

In Wabi Sabi mirror the colours doesn’t come from a plastic or a painting, but from a metallic oxide of hight temperature cooking, from 5 to 7 metallic oxide layers with different refractives index, its thickness and its index defines colours and gives interferential effects.

mirror - Denis Guidone Roche Bobois design - 03
mirror - Denis Guidone Roche Bobois design - 04
mirror - Denis Guidone Roche Bobois design - 05
mirror - Denis Guidone Roche Bobois design - 06
Roche Bobois, Wabi sabi

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